There is a preconceived idea that 3PLs (3rd Party Logistic companies) require more money and that we cost the consumers when in fact it’s the exact opposite. This is the biggest misconception out there that needs to change, not only with the customers but with the carriers as well.

True authentic ones – like Complete Shipping Solutions, help companies turn their freight from a liability to an asset. There is a whole list of simple reasons why – let us have a conversation with you about it.

You save money because your volume is added to our volume. So your buying power has now grown exponentially. We do millions while you do thousands – so together we do millions plus.

Complete Shipping Solutions is experienced and very strong in logistics and warehousing. We minimize the time wasted through logistic errors such as overstocks, inventory mishandling and poor shipping carrier rates. Having us as your trusted logistics partner will accelerate your growth.

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